All of our teachers are certified educators and trained in first aid for children.

My name is Erika Iraís Velázquez Guillén. I am originally from the smallest city in  Mexico called Tlaxccala. I am a graduate in pre-school education with more than ten years of experience working with children. I started my career at a very young age just after finishing my first career as a "Professional Technician in Child Care", I had the opportunity to debut with a position of director and at the same time having a group.

I made a special program based on the discovery of the world through the senses, that's where the seed "Senses world" grows.

Author and founder of "Senses world" with a program based on values, love and respect for each living being. This program is based on two very interesting pedagogical currents Maria Montessori and Waldorf, for which I quote the central ideas of each: "No one can be free unless he is independent; Therefore, the first active manifestations of individual freedom of the child should be guided in such a way that through that activity the child may be able to reach independence. "María Montessori; On the other hand in Waldorf pedagogy: Education must respect and support the physiological, psychological and spiritual development of the child. to achieve a good intellectual development there must be a solid emotional base.

We are a sensorial and interactive games room based on stimulating the child's brain through senses allowing to realize their own hypotheses of the world that surrounds them in a warm and affective environment, respecting the life of every living being; It is  time for the child to have fun , we won´t try to get  awareness by repetition without success. On the other hand forming responsible and autonomous children with great values.

 For children to be happy and to establish a climate of cooperation and group feeling formed by people of equal value, each child must compete with himself, not  with their peers. That emotional education provides them security and ability to collaborate."

Be all welcome to a multicultural world called "Senses world".