We invite your children to live one of the most fun and meaningful experiencies of their childhood in a unique place in Playa del Carmen "Senses World". Because we are at a crucial stage in the child's development, the game plays a fundamental role because we must remember that they need freedom and movement, this means that they play and learn with the movement, acquiring their independence every day, a key idea within Montessori pedagogy.

On the other hand the Waldorf pedagogy tell us that it is a stage to cement their security, self love and acceptance respecting their physiological, psychic and spiritual development of the child.

Based on a program of values such as respect and love for every living being, we are surrounded by pets on our small farm where there are rabbits, roosters, chickens and fishes.

Also in Senses World we believe that love is the greatest force in the universe, and if there is an enviroment chaos on the planet it is also because there is no love for it, love the earth... cultivate and and care for Mother Earth. Come and form part of a place full of magic but above all much love. Personalized attention. Kindergarten Teacher Erika Iraís Velázquez Guillén.

In our Kids’ Club we have a wide variety of toys, games, art kits and much more for the little ones – even a small zoo!


We invite kids from 2 to 5 years old to our Kids’ Club "Senses world" each workday from 9.00 AM to 4 PM (no inscription fee). Schedule personalized.

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